Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Reading

After tons of searching and indecision, I finally narrowed down my summer professional reading. I am so excited to take my math instruction to another level and integrate all my learning. Plus, I will be attending a summer math training and want to go into it with a solid foundation.

Also, I am teaching 6th grade next school year and want to make sure my math expectations are at their developmental levels.

Did I mention that I am teaching 6th grade with my husband? He will be my 6th grade teacher buddy and my room neighbor. Yup! Should be a learning experience for us and a test of patience. Believe it or not, after the shock, I am pretty excited about the individual strengths we both will bring to sixth grade.

My math selection...

Based on the reviews, it seems to be an objective view on current practices and Common Core. With all the amazing strategies and practices in teaching English Language Arts, I am looking for essentials that I should be using.

I was excited to find this little number.

What's your summer reading?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Currently in June

Ahh! Time to catch up with Currently and bloggy friends. I have to say, summer vacation is SO relaxing. My morning has consisted of coffee, reading, online shopping, running around the backyard with my furbabies and a nap (the furbabies are still napping). Sweet!

One of my personal enjoyments catching up with Currently is visiting all the creatively designed blogs. Wow! Teachers are a very creative bunch- aren't we?

Thank you Farley for bringing awareness to the many pets in need in Wimberley, Texas. I am so thankful to be able to help out.

Visit Oh Boy Fourth Grade  if you would like to help out too.

Now that I am on Summer vacation I don't have any excuses not to get an exercise routine and get in shape. This is my pep talk ... but no joke-  I have been pondering and contemplating being physically healthy for awhile now and just have not committed to it. I suppose me talking about it , writing about it, and investing in new shoes :) is me committing. If you have any words of inspiration, suggestions, I am open to them.

Here are the shoes that are going to help me keep my commitment to exercising consistently. Fun colors!
Obviously, it is going to take more than shoes (an outfit possibly?) But, I know I will feel better if I start and stay consistent. Here's to Summer 2015!