Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Reading

After tons of searching and indecision, I finally narrowed down my summer professional reading. I am so excited to take my math instruction to another level and integrate all my learning. Plus, I will be attending a summer math training and want to go into it with a solid foundation.

Also, I am teaching 6th grade next school year and want to make sure my math expectations are at their developmental levels.

Did I mention that I am teaching 6th grade with my husband? He will be my 6th grade teacher buddy and my room neighbor. Yup! Should be a learning experience for us and a test of patience. Believe it or not, after the shock, I am pretty excited about the individual strengths we both will bring to sixth grade.

My math selection...

Based on the reviews, it seems to be an objective view on current practices and Common Core. With all the amazing strategies and practices in teaching English Language Arts, I am looking for essentials that I should be using.

I was excited to find this little number.

What's your summer reading?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Currently in June

Ahh! Time to catch up with Currently and bloggy friends. I have to say, summer vacation is SO relaxing. My morning has consisted of coffee, reading, online shopping, running around the backyard with my furbabies and a nap (the furbabies are still napping). Sweet!

One of my personal enjoyments catching up with Currently is visiting all the creatively designed blogs. Wow! Teachers are a very creative bunch- aren't we?

Thank you Farley for bringing awareness to the many pets in need in Wimberley, Texas. I am so thankful to be able to help out.

Visit Oh Boy Fourth Grade  if you would like to help out too.

Now that I am on Summer vacation I don't have any excuses not to get an exercise routine and get in shape. This is my pep talk ... but no joke-  I have been pondering and contemplating being physically healthy for awhile now and just have not committed to it. I suppose me talking about it , writing about it, and investing in new shoes :) is me committing. If you have any words of inspiration, suggestions, I am open to them.

Here are the shoes that are going to help me keep my commitment to exercising consistently. Fun colors!
Obviously, it is going to take more than shoes (an outfit possibly?) But, I know I will feel better if I start and stay consistent. Here's to Summer 2015!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

So Cal Link Up!
Summer time in Southern California is amazing! And if you're a teacher it is even more amazing!!! Don' get me wrong, teaching is a very fulfilling profession and there are many days that I can't believe I get paid for working with such great students, families, and colleagues. But then comes the end of the school year and everything  goes a bit crazy.

I know! I have worked through 21 end of school years and I am still surprised how stressful this time can be. So let's all take this time to look past all the craziness.

So as I sit here and ponder my summer vacation- there are at least 3 things I am looking forward to doing because they bring joy to my heart.

My hubby is also a teacher. As a matter of fact, we work at the same school AND will both be teaching 6th grade next school year. I am sure this will be a post at some point on my blog :) Any whoo, we both love spending time with our three furbabies and are looking forward to car rides, walks, and just lounging around with them.

Peluchina is our newest addition- she is a smart, happy Pomeranian mix.
 Little Guy is a momma's boy and I love that.

LuLu is our 11 year old Golden and she truly is the sweetest girl.

I love gardening! I'm still a newbie and from time to time a plant does not make it :( but I'm learning and getting better at caring for my plants. It is no fun being in a drought, but it opened up this whole new world of succulents. Boy, they can be lovely!

Morning walks in Southern California are beautiful! I have a few places in mind. Recently, my buddy Wendie and I went on a lovely walk in the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia. It was so serene!

Know that you are not alone during this stressful time. Here's to an amazing summer!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stress Free End of the Year

There are certain times of the school year when the stress levels seem to run high. The end of the school year is definitely one of them. Some possible stressers are students' behavior, tons of papers to correct, grades, classroom check out, grade level change for the coming school year, room change, and an infinite number of possibilities. Over my twenty-one years of teaching I have established a few routines that help me survive and actually enjoy my job and students during these tough months.

I hope they can be of use to you as well. Feel free to add others that have helped you in the comments section.

Establish End of the Year Expectations with Your Students
Principal Brian Gaten shared the importance of setting academic and behavior goals for the end of the year (just like at the beginning of the school year). It is important to encourage students to maintain high standards for their behavior and their learning. Teachers can update goals/rules and refer to them often so that they can stay fresh in your students' minds.

Classroom Routine
Try to keep your classroom routine. I know at times this is impossible, but kids thrive on routine. I have found that students are experiencing lots of emotions with the end of the year. Happiness, sadness, excitement, uncertainty, concern, etc... Routine will help provide stability through this transition.

Start Organizing Now
I start with my classroom. Whether I am moving to another room or not - I begin with one cupboard at a time. I look for ways to better organize each cupboard, give away items I no longer need or use, and/ or toss items. I don't like clutter :0) I do the same with my files. More and more I keep my files organized on my computer so I don't need a hard copy of anything. But for the files I do have, I prefer to keep only one copy and/or sample.

Prepare for Next Year
I know- what? But, I promise you that you will be glad you did. Typically teachers are not running as many papers at the end of the year. So... I make sure I run papers that I will definitely need come August. I run student's personal dictionaries, interactive journals, parent welcome letter/packet, activities for the first week of school, and anything I am sure I will definitely use. Then, I will not be stressing the first week of school and I can have a "Stress Free" start too.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let's Celebrate!

We are so excited to be part of two amazing Bloggy friends celebrations. As the end of the school year approaches, it is important that we treat ourselves with some freebies and prizes. We hope you will join in on all the fun!

First up!
Head on over to Learning Fundamentals and party with Selma. Wish her a Happy Birthday and enjoy lots of freebies throughout the day. 
Next up...
Jen from Sparking in Second is celebrating her blogs second year anniversary. Congratulations! And a big thank you for sharing your special day with us.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

You Oughta Know

Thank you for visiting me today! I am very proud to be part of You Oughta Know. I, by no means, am an expert on the following topic. But, I am a teacher that is willing to learn and find ways to make good instruction, strategies, and tools work. I would love to hear about your experience with formative assessment.
You Oughta Know About...

For more detailed information check out this article

I hope this has helped. I am uploading file  of my observation checklist feel free to duplicate if this can be of help to you.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lucky You Blog Hop

I should say, "Lucky Us!" There is no better way to get through the month of March than with some Golden Freebies. Our freebie will spark your students writing creativity and do away with that soul crushing phrase - "I have nothing to write about."

Here is another freebie that works great for March or anytime of the year. It is a Science nonfiction text that will work perfectly for a close read.

Hop on over to Elementary AMC for your next freebie.

Elementary AMC

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friends Birthday Bash

We are excited to join Peggy at Primary Flourish in celebrating her birthday (YaY) and reaching 1,000 TpT followers. If you are a TpT seller, you know that is quite an accomplishment. Lots of other amazing TpT sellers are joining in on the birthday bash and are sharing some pretty awesome products. Here is the birthday itinerary.

Join us as we celebrate with some giveaways.


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