Monday, July 18, 2016

Who's Doing the Thinking?

I had an AHA Moment when I heard a speaker say,
"The kids need to head home exhausted because of all the thinking they have been doing- not you (teacher)!"
OMGoodness!...there are days when I have done so much thinking throughout the day that I just want to get home and veg in front of the T.V.

Since my epiphany moment, I have been focused on finding strategies, tools, anything that will help my students feel empowered about their learning and be more responsible and aware of their learning.

Obviously, let's assume that I have taught the lessons, scaffold, used concrete to make abstract learning more accessible, differentiated, provided small group review and enrichment, created a visual chart with the students for reference, and who knows what else!

Aren't teachers A...MAZ...ING?!!

Now, it's time to remove some of the tools and see what the kids can do on their own... crickets... they're stuck. 

D.I.Y. Literacy by Kate and Maggie Roberts is a beneficial read because it offers practical, easy to use visual tools that create D.I.Y. Learners. So no need to buy anything- remember it's D.I.Y.

Today- let's talk Bookmarks. K. and M. Roberts share, "Bookmarks allow students to personalize and keep close tabs on the work they are practicing in reading and writing." 
But people,  I believe this half sheet of paper is a tool you can use in all subjects. 

K. and M. Roberts offer a great suggestion of using bookmarks as a way to create a personalized list of what to remember. Now students need to decide what helps them understand the skill.

Steps to Bookmarking:

1. All resources are gathered (charts, notebooks, handouts) and made accessible to students. 
2. Together look over resources and decide what is most helpful to them. Model making the bookmark if it is the first time.
3. Students are now ready to create their own bookmark. Students use half-sheet of paper, pens, colored pencils, icons, and drawings to serve as a reference. 

Simple, yet powerful! Here is my go at it with what I want to remember for chapter 3 &4.
 Next up: D.I.Y. Micro-Progression of Skills


  1. I know! I love that it is so user friendly, applicable to all subject areas, a resource for students, and more than anything a good way to see if students really understood what was taught.

    Love the feedback. Thank you!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I need to check out this DIY Literacy book. Thanks for sharing!


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