Saturday, July 5, 2014

Currently in July

Where has the time gone? I love teaching, but I also love being on vacation. I don't have to wake up early, I can sip my coffee, I can hang out with my dogs all day long, and since my hubby is also a teacher we get to hang out together all summer long. Cool huh?

Another big thank you to Farley, for sharing her monthly currently with all of us. So here is what's happening in my little world.

Listening: There has been FIFA World Cup fever in my house since the games started. With the USA and Mexico  out my hubby and I can enjoy watching with less emotional attachment. Good job Netherlands!

Loving: My iPad is amazing! I love that it is small enough that I can take it anywhere. Much lighter than my laptop. It is also bigger than my iPhone screen which makes browsing much easier.
I now have access to tons of apps too. I recently purchased iDoceo which is for teachers and has a grade book, planner, schedule, as well as other nifty features. This app was recommended by Ladybug's Teacher Files back in March 19, 2013. That's how long I have needed this iPad. She does a great job explaining all the bells and whistles.

Thinking: Yup- summer is just flying by. Ahh! I return to work August 6th. I typically go in a week or two early to set up. I don't like feeling rushed or the pressure of not being ready for the first day of school.

Wanting: Oh I love chocolate and there are certain times when I want (need) chocolate more than others. They have these delicious dark chocolate peanut butter cups at Trader Joe's that are simply delicious!

Needing: The TpT conference in Las Vegas is happening Friday, July 11th. And being that the 2 Smart Wenches live in California we are driving to Vegas on Thursday so that we are rested for Friday. I think this is going to be such a great opportunity to hear from successful TpTers (not a word) and learn from their successes. Thus - I need a new outfit.

Our Plans: My hubby and I enjoyed a nice lunch with my family and then headed home before dark. Lefty and LuLu do not like fireworks at all and although fireworks are not allowed in our city we can still hear the booms from the neighboring cities. Luckily, my hubby and I have a system to help them get through the fourth of July. Our system- AC on all night, windows closed, TV on (loud), and Benadryl if needed. I think this was the best year yet- they never heard a boom and slept through the night :)


  1. Ha! I totally feel you on getting new technology. My husband just graciously got me a Windows Surface. I love it. I have iPads from my classroom with me for the summer but, they don't allow me to blog exactly the way I'm used to and all the controls. I am super happy with the Surface now though until I get my laptop back from my district. Great Currently!



    1. Thanks Jenn for stopping by. How great that your class has iPads, I wish we did. Enjoy your Microsoft Surface!

  2. Aww, our pups have trouble with fireworks, too. Thankfully we live in a rural area and our neighbors don't set off too many fireworks, but the poor dogs just shiver and shake whenever they hear the noise, even at a distance. They have the same reaction to thunderstorms, so we end up giving them a lot of extra love during the summer months!

    I'm visiting from Farley's, love your Currently! Enjoy the rest of your summer. :)

    1. My poor babies shake like a leaf too. They also hate thunderstorms, fortunately we haven't had too many in California. Enjoy your summer too!

  3. See you in Vegas!

    A Traveled Teacher


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