Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two for Tuesday

    Here is a nice summer sale for those of you starting to prepare for a new school year. Today we have our Thought Launchers for 50% off. Link up to The Teaching Tribune for more shopping fun!

   Thought Launchers are quick, fun activities to ignite imaginations and encourage creative writing. You can use the Launchers as a supplement to your writer’s workshop or as a warm-up activity for language arts.
Our Thought Launchers provide budding writers with a motivating start to a story. Some are in 1st person point of view and some are in 3rd person point of view to help students learn different points of view.
  • Scenarios describe a particular setting and situation to provide a focus for writing.
  • Dialogue practices provide interesting situations where students must write a dialogue to go with it. They will develop their punctuation skills too.
  • Descriptive and instructional writing encourages the use of details and sequencing in writing.
  • Poetry guides students and provides practice through writing different forms of poetry.
  • Informational activities provide students with facts about a topic that they can use to develop skills for writing non-fiction reports.
Purchase today HERE for $1.50- That's a Summer Bargain.

I am working on revamping our "My Two Cents" Series and I am not quite finished. So as soon as I finish I will post for 50% off.

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