Sunday, May 25, 2014

Amusement Park Freebie

   What to do with only a few days of school? It can be difficult holding students attention while they so eagerly await summer break. To help our situation Wendie created a great activity that complements our Reading to Learn Roller Coaster booklet and completely engages our students. The other great thing is that it can be done as a completely independent activity- you don't need to have used our booklet.
   My students are very excited to get started this week. They will be working in collaborative groups to plan, design, and create a unique amusement park. I honestly cannot wait to see what they come up with. And with only a few days left in school I am completely over the moon that they want to do any work.

The best part! We are making it a FREEBIE for you to enjoy with your students. We would love to see any amusement parks your students create. So please share a pic. Download by clicking on the cover.


  1. Thank you for such a great idea and pack. My school does not break up until late July over here in England so there will be plenty of time to use it. Also wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award - I created a new 2014 badge as I see you have been nominated before but as I really like your blog I wanted to bring it to the attention of others too :)Teaching at Pempis Palace

    1. Oh how very nice of you to nominate us. We really appreciate it! Let me know how the amusement park idea works with your students. If you end in July when do you return back to school?

  2. Will definitely let you know what my students thought about the Theme Park packet. We return to school at the very start of September!!


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