Friday, August 16, 2013

Teacher Tips and Tricks

What a week! Our first week back and I have a cold. A couple of my little guys had the sniffles the first day of school and I was so determined not to get sick, but no such luck.

I really wanted to do such a great job with this tip. It is such a good one- it has completely increased my students motivation during math. So, I promise to clean it up and have some pics of my class and this tip in practice.

Our tip is a "Math Genius" chart. You can make this as simple as writing Math Genius on the board or create some really cute chart. Here is my prototype (last year I just wrote on the board)
This "Math Genius" chart is used to motivate students to try their best when working on independent work during math. Since I try to pull small groups during this time- I had occasionally been disappointed by my students lack of effort. Even if they knew how to solve the problems they weren't always actively engaged in the problem solving. So out came "Math Genius!"

Once I am finished with my math group I will walk the room and check students work. If they have five problems (You can adjust how many problems) correct they can write their name on the math genius chart. I made name plates so they can just adhere it to the chart.

My students are now so eager to problem solve and get help from me or other students in order to have their name on the chart.  There reward is their name on the "Math Genius" chart. It has made a world of difference.
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