Monday, January 20, 2014

Critical Thinking- What Does it Look Like?

What is critical thinking? Before I had a discussion with my students I wanted to make sure I was clear on what being a critical thinker looks like. I have to be honest -I needed to research the current expectations on being a critical thinker. After reading several articles, I found several commonalities and chose to include them in a poster to share with my students. The poster describes attributes of a critical thinker and has helped my students understand what being a critical thinker looks like and skills they need to develop. Following the poster, I shared a  T-Chart (project GLAD) to further solidify what should be seen and heard in a critically thinking classroom.

Here is one of my kiddos brainstorming during a district assessment. Amazing!
Click on the pic to download poster and T-Chart. Hope you find it useful too.

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