Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome 2014-2015

Now that I have a week of school under my belt :) I can now get back my blog.

This school year I am teaching 4th grade and have 29 students. I look forward to a wonderful school year and am reflecting on all my school blessings and challenges.

Positives: my students, close reading, opinion writing, LOVE my school and colleagues, I have an amazingly passionate principal, and I work with my hubby.

Challenges: math. Let me explain, I feel overwhelmed by how to best teach/implement the common core math standards. There is so much information and possibilities that I feel lost at times.

How is/was the start of your new school year? Positives? Challenges?


  1. Since finding your blog through the A to Z Challenge way back in April, I have used many of your freebie resources and ideas so if there is anything I can help you with in terms of sharing maths resources I may have (I taught the equivalent of your age range students two years ago) please feel free to contact me Although I teach in England, we have been using very similar objectives to your common core for many years now so there might be quite a lot that could be used or adapted very easily.

    1. These are the times I most love social media. I am so thankful to have made some truly generous friends. I will definitely take you up on your offer! Thank you!!


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