Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Teacher Fun Haves

I know these are not teacher MUST haves, or things every class needs... but... aren't they lovely? They would make any teacher happier to grade papers, staple packets, organize homework, wake up in the morning, etc. I know I would do these things with a happier heart because I would be using these beauties:)

Click on the pics if you want to check them out a little closer.

1. Scotch Tape Dispenser- My happy place is at home gardening. I love caring for my plantsies and having them thrive. Now, every time I grab a piece of tape I'll think of them. Heaven!
2. Ban-do complimentary pencils- Because who doesn't need a compliment when you had a rough day?! Here are some of the uplifting phrases:
"You're Fresher Than Lemonade" (my fave)
"Yes You Totally Can"
"You're a Total Champ"

3. Nate Berkus gold stapler truly does make one smile :) Beautiful color, staples great, and looks expensive, but isn't. Now stapling will be a joy. Bring on the packets.
4. Mr. Sketch... need I say more? When I grade papers I enjoy using colored pens and in my mind that equals students enjoying reading my comments. Now I can grade those papers with colors that pop and a yummy smell. Totally worth the purchase.
5. I'm an obsessed fan of Post its. No, not sticky notes- Post its. I think they stick the best.
Then,  I saw this tropical number I was over the moon. Look a pink flamingo? I'll be sending lots of notes to the teacher next door (it's my hubby- he is in room 17 and I'm in room 18) He won't mind when he sees how great they are.

6. Top Notch Teacher Clips- What I love about these is that they are labeled and seem as sturdy as the plain black ones.
They come is small packs or a pack of 18 of different labels. Now, I can clip away and be organized in style. When I found these Pen Pal Flexible pen holders my heart leaped. No more trying to find a pen when I doing formative assessments, recess duty, attendance, and/or writing a nurse note. I can put a Pen Pal anywhere because of the adhesive on the back. Just peel and stick.
8. Yes water is S'well (Did you know we are suppose to drink about half an ounce of water for each pound you weigh?)  Now there will be no more excuses not to drink that water.

Bonus! Because we should all start our day feeling like, "We got this!"
Do you have any "Fun Haves?' I'd love to hear about them.

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