Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teach Like A Pirate Chapter 7

This chapter is appropriately titled 'The Third Circle."
Copyright (c) 2009, Darik Gamble

  • One circle represents Content. As educators, we should have a good grasp on the content we are teaching.
  • The second circle represents Technique/Method. Here, we use all those great strategies that we have acquired through reading, trainings, conferences, etc.
  • The third circle represents... (wait for it) Presentation. Probably one of the most important elements not taught in college or anywhere.
Fortunately, Burgess gives us tons of examples (hooks) in upcoming chapters on how to maximize learning by embedding it in an engaging, well planned presentation.

Think back to a time when you had your students so engaged and enthralled in your lesson that it seemed like time stood still. You may have thought- Wow, now this is teaching. I would love to replicate that on a daily basis. I know we all would.

Since, I don't see myself as a "performer" by nature. I know I need to work on it. I need to get past feeling silly, embarrassed, or waiting until I have it all figured out.

So, here's the goal- gain student engagement and not to lose it.

Gaining and Maintaining

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  1. I love your goal! I'm really going to strive to have many more WOW lessons this year. I want my kids to be talking about school the entire ride home on the bus!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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