Friday, June 21, 2013

Teach Like A Pirate

P- I- R- A- Transformation-E
I think that one of the greatest treasures I have is starting over. Each new school year grants me the ability to transform myself into the teacher I want to be. How amazing is that? 

Dave Burgess begins this chapter by discussing how our classrooms should be like a "purple cow."
So, here is what he believes a purple cow classroom should be like: 
  • A class should stand out. It should be a classroom that people are noticing and talking about.
I think in many ways the time and effort teachers spend "decorating" our classrooms is part of being a "purple cow." I have seen some amazing classroom transformations on many teacher  blogs during the past couple of years. They have served as my inspiration. Wendie and I are currently working on some pretty cool things to make our classroom more inviting to our students. Here is a small sneak peek (I mean very small) it is still in the beginning stages.
I will continue to post progress...stay tune... :)
  • The way we engage our students should be nothing short of extraordinary. He encourages teachers to go to any lengths of creativity to motivate and make sure the "boring stuff is invisible."
What a great achievement to transform who we are as teachers! But, how much more amazing would it be to transform our school?

Burgess poses two questions worth pondering:
  1. If your students didn't have to be there, would you be teaching an empty room? Ouch!
  2. Do you have any lessons you could sell tickets for? Double ouch!!
Honestly, it isn't that bleak. But I have work to do! I have been teaching for almost 20 years and am still -a work in progress. Don't you love that? I think that there is so much untapped benefits to Life Changing Lessons (LCL) that I really want to hone in on how to include them in an organic way into my lessons.

Burgess includes so much valuable information, that we can all take away something new. This is what I'm taking away:
Passion, enthusiasm, powerful presentations, and creativity can turn anything into treasure.

Let the transformation begin!


  1. I love that you said you were a work in progress! I am too. I was so so sad to see my first graders move on this year, but I love starting fresh and incorporating new ideas to see what works best!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thank you! I agree the end of the year has always been a happy, sad kind of feeling. Happy to be on summer break, but also sad because our students are moving on. I would love for you to follow my blog.



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