Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teach Like A Pirate Chapters 10 & 11

These could possibly be my favorite hooks. My artistic creativity and ability have definitely improved the more I have practiced and been exposed to new medias. I am also inspired by how amazingly creative my fellow teachers are and definitely by the bloggers I have "met."

Burgess shares that music and art  enhance our lessons, and also allow students to grow in their creativity and recall information taught in a deeper way.
  • Music creates a mood. It allows for recalling something memorable.
  • Drama and dance allows for movement and the opportunity for students to access information in a different way.
The "What's in it for Me?" hooks provide students freedom, choice,  and a sense of autonomy. I strongly believe, as many of you do, that our students are capable of so much and must be allowed opportunities to demonstrate this. I am still adding hooks...stay tune to download final product.

Love Melonheadz pirate theme

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