Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jumbles

This past summer Wendie and I worked on creating instructional resources that would really impact our students learning. One are we focused on was mathematical problem solving. We created Math Jumbles that started out as math warm-ups but eventually developed into an opportunity for our students to demonstrate their mathematical thinking and understanding. Math Jumbles, in conjunction with our Critical Crumbs, activities has helped our students synthesize what they know and move towards becoming independent problem solvers. There is a great deal of satisfaction watching them enjoy math and be active in their learning process. For us, these activities do not replace our math directed instruction lesson but enrich our students growth.

Have a looksie and try them out with your students. The sample below is typically for third grade.
Click on the cover to download.


  1. I really liked the critical crumbs part. Kinda thinking out of the box! ☺

  2. This is imaginative teaching. Like!

  3. Great! I wish I had more time to make more products--it must be nice to be a team and possibly show more productivity : ) Your guest post has had a lot of views on my blog--I really appreciated your efforts and hopefully it has turned into more followers for you : )
    Kids Math Teacher


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