Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Diary

I love using anchor books to help motivate my students to write. Plus anchor books help get my students' creative juices going. It's always nice to find a balance between "serious" writing and creative writing.
When I purchase anchor books I am looking for books that will spark interest and conversation amongst my students. I chose these titles for that reason

So here is the D part- Once we read our anchor books and learn all we could about the planets we were ready to write! Students wrote their "Diary of A ____ Astronaut" ( the blank is for an amazing adjective) Here is a great works in progress:

The Diary is available in our Reading to Learn Inner Planets. Click here to check it out.


  1. Your posts are simple yet so informative.
    Bubble Ink

  2. I found you via the A to Z challenge and a comment you made on my blog. Your blog is so visually appealing, and I love the way you share both books and writing in this post. I keep some children't books in my room, even though I teach seniors. The kids like to read them when they are between books or have a few minutes spare time.

  3. Found you via #AtoZChallenge...I love this idea.

    1. Thanks! ebookbuilders interesting idea. How does it work?

  4. Very cool! I wish I'd had writing classes like this when I was a kid. :D

  5. I use anchors with my senior students, too, but not often enough - thanks for the reminder! Those astronaut books look great - my son would love them!
    Stopping by from #atozchallenge. @rosmaceachern


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