Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Teaching

   I began teaching at the ripe age of 21. I had truly no idea what I was doing and often felt like never returning to that multiage class of 25 students. Which consisted of struggling 1st-3rd graders and English learners. Nonetheless, I worked through the trials and tribulations and twenty years later I am still a teacher. I have improved at my craft over time and have become a life-long learner.
   Teaching is very much a part of me and who I am. I have to say the years just whizzed by and lately it is difficult to remember the faces let alone the names of those I have taught. For me, teaching has allowed me to be creative, a critical thinker, and self driven. Of course, there are the negatives- unmotivated colleagues, school politics, student behavior problems, and everyone seems to know how to do your job. But, given the good with the bad it has developed me into who I am today.


  1. Thank you for what you do. Your students are lucky to have a teacher who cares and still continues to learn. I am so sorry about school politics. I have two friends who are teachers and one who is an administrator and I am shocked by the system, at least here in CA it seems very broken.

  2. I love the cartoon you found for your post - says it all really - I love being a teacher but it is a much tougher job than many think! (Over from the A to Z Challenge)


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