Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Shoes (Sigh)

   Oh the power of shoes. They have the ability to make us (me) feel literal emotions. They make me feel happy, excited, confident, comfortable, sexy, and sad. I had to add sad because recently one of my fur babies chewed up a pair. Tragic! So, I thought is there a psychology of shoes?
   And yes there is. Christian Louboutin understands this psychology of shoes very well. His shoes range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Mind you, I do not own a pair but I know that if Louboutin is selling more that 500,000 pairs of shoes for these prices- he gets the psychology of shoes.
   I don't think shoes have to be expensive to emote such an emotional response. They just have to "speak" to you. Currently, these are my fave. They seem to go with any outfit and are super comfortable. What shoes are you currently loving?


  1. I like shoes that are comfortable - but there are many times I wished I were "that" woman to wear a certain kind of shoe. Shoes seem to speak to who we are. Visiting from A to Z http://iamclothedwithjoy.com/ :)


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