Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Ridiculous

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The top ten things I find ridiculous. At first when I decided to name ten I wondered if I could actually find ten ridiculous things and immediately found that it was no problem at all. Strangely enough a lot of them pertained to food. Writing the list turned out to be rather cathartic.
1. That absurdly thin line of time between when the popcorn is perfectly popped or completely scorched.
2. Checking five times that the iron is off even though it has an automatic shut off valve.
3. Bacon as a garnish for every food ever eaten in the world of cuisine.
4. My son texting me from his bedroom asking for a drink of water.
5. Me answering the text with an OK and obediently delivering the water.
6. Green and white jelly beans-- I mean really-- for what purpose?
7. Recess being called off because the grass is too wet to play on.
8. Half-skipping out to the mailbox with that farfetched hope that the elusive million dollar check has finally arrived and being met with the usual pile of bills.
9. Leaving the doctor's office upset that the blood test was a little high in glucose and going straight to the store to buy M&Ms for comfort.
10. Neighbors who plant orange trees on the public trail behind the house and post signs that say "no picking the fruit" only to let the fruit drop on the ground to rot.

Feel free to add to the list!


  1. Cool list. Found you via atoz.

  2. So funny to read your list and realise cultural differences!


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